The EU should discuss removing the PKK from the designated terrorist list

Sultan Erdogan

Lately, Europe is building up a reputation as a knee-bender to dictators. If the EU France and Germany especially, had any inkling of strategic politics, the EU should begin discussing removing the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) from the designated terrorist list. The EU should also discuss sanctioning Qatar for homing and funding Hamas which is also a designated terrorist organisation. Qatar is also the biggest shareholder of Deutsche Bank.

Turkey’s Sultan Tayyip Erdogan has described Hamas as a liberation organisation and even held a large demonstration against Israel. By his own standards, the PKK like Hamas is also a liberation group, and Europe is constantly pressured and blackmailed by Turkey to hunt down PKK members and networks in Europe.

Turkey’s interests and politics are not aligned with the EU. It’s incredibly odd that a NATO member is advocating for a terrorist organisation that openly promotes genocide against Jews and the abrogation of Israel.

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