Sharon Penza from the OPM went to Alfred Sant’s house when OHSA officials were present after a workplace accident took place

Sharon Penza with Glenn Micallef (OPM Chief of Staff)

Around the 12th or 13th of September, a workplace accident took place at Alfred Sant’s house in Birkirkara where Carmel Penza’s employees were doing construction work. A serious work accident took place and OHSA officials visited the scene after the accident.

Sharon Penza, who works as a Personal Assistant to Robert Abela’s Chief of Staff, Glenn Micallef, usurped her position by going to the site of the accident whilst OHSA officials were present. Naturally, the OHSA officials present at the sight were made aware that Sharon Penza was “from the OPM”. Naturally, Sharon Penza was also aware that her presence, irregular and totally out of order, would have the intended effect of making the OHSA officers know that her father, Carmel Penza was protected by the OPM.

Sharon Penza’s father, Carmel Penza is a long-time Labour Party donor and supporter and is being given a lot of preferential treatment by the state over his business activities.

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