Prime Minister Robert Abela refused to condemn Hamas when asked in Malta, but condemned Hamas at the Socialist Congress in Malaga

Malta’s Prime Minister Robert Abela has a dichotomous foreign affairs policy- the one which he pronounces abroad and the other one which he pronounces at home. When Robert Abela was asked whether he condemned Hamas, he explicitly refused to do so and instead went on a tirade against European Union Parliament President Roberta Metsola. Malta’s policy of foreign affairs is completely different from what has been stated by the Minister for Foreign Affairs who categorically condemned Hamas.

Now, Robert Abela has been forced to sign a condemnation against Hamas by the other European socialist premiers in the PES congress in Malaga. You can find the condemnation here amidst other issues that were part of the Congress’ resolution.

Having said that, it should be noted that there were strong disagreements between  the parties over Israel and Palestine and this is why the text on the war on Gaza is very short and dry.

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