Here’s Sharon Penza with other OPM employees

Sharon Penza and Georvin Bugeja

Daughter of Carmelo Penza, Sharon Penza seems to be great friends with the other OPM employee and FŻL President, Georvin Bugeja. Here you can also see them posing with that fascist and previous OPM employee, Josef Caruana (now editor at ONE).

Carmelo Penza who is using the public industrial property for storage purposes irregularly and is now moving his tarmac plant into a disused quarry in Mqabba, was at some time even an employee of Alfred Sant’s EU Parliament’s staff. I remember Carmelo Penza very well canvassing and campaigning for Alfred Sant and eventually even doing construction work on Alfred Sant’s property. There is a story about an incident that may have involved Sharon Penza about Carmelo Penza’s construction works at Alfred Sant’s house in Birkirkara, but I have not yet confirmed it.

Josef Caruana, Sharon Penza and Georvin Bugeja


Georvin Bugeja and Sharon Penza

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