Europe’s support of Israel should not be unconditional but based on rule of law

Benjamin Netanyahu

Yesterday, Benjamin Netanyahu gave a war speech where he decried the IDF’s critics as immoral and hypocritical. Europe’s support of Israel should not be unconditional and neither should it serve to appease Netanyahu’s political interests. Europe has in recent history served as the strongest advocate for the victims of war especially civilians caught in the crossfire. Europe provides billions of Euros of aid every year to war-torn regions apart from taking on many immigrants.

Europe’s position on Israel and Palestine should be consistent. Europe stands with Israel against Hamas but Europe also stands for the rule of law and this means we are to seek to preserve international rules of war. Israel or Benjamin Netanyahu do not dictate arbitrarily the nature of the rules of war – we have laws and courts for that already.

After supporting Israel and standing fully behind it to defend itself, Benjamin Netanyahu should stop accusing the international community of hypocrisy and instead explain why the Palestinian death count includes many children and journalists. His acerbic rhetoric may work at a Jewish kibbutz in the desert but on the international stage, warrior-like leaders look more ridiculous than fit for purpose. This is not the 1970s.

Also, what’s with him wearing black? He’s not in mourning, he’s at war, and he should dress accordingly unless he is dressed in his criminal Putin-like uniform for bad men.

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