Fear and loathing in Floriana

Police Commissioner, Angelo Gafa

Having covered up for Joseph Muscat and his gang by refusing to investigate them for multiple cases despite various decisions by foreign authorities and the local courts,  Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa has served his intended function well but is very much aware he is in the wrong. Gafa has been growing ever more nervous lately, throwing all of his frustration onto his colleagues by shouting at them, berating and annoying them for no reason whatsoever. He can’t get his anger in check because he doesn’t want to admit to himself what he’s doing wrong. He’s also choosing flight rather than attempting to change track and do the right thing.

He hasn’t made any active effort to investigate Joseph Muscat and has never called his current officers to prioritise investigating him. Angelo Gafa is operating the Police Force like a 1930s government department – nothing new actually happens unless the Minister says so, except for the ordinary and everyday flow of paperwork and operations. Nerves are high in this environment while the rule of law is in tatters right outside in the city where impunity is the rule in state and government institutions.

It’s fascinating to see how so short-sighted many can be, but the cowardice and the self-serving ingratiation are the most repugnant elements in this story.

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