Rekindling Labour’s socialism

Alex Agius Saliba

A lackey par excellence. A lapdog of lapdogs. An unashamed apologist for criminals and organised crime. A hypocrite and an unprincipled moron.

But he is also a socialist, admittedly. Maybe, a bad socialist, but if provided with autonomy and freedom, he is still capable of empathy and this is something that Robert Abela is totally incapable of. If his empathy is nurtured with freedom, Alex Agious Saliba may be able to transcend his negative habits and characteristics to make good decisions.

Alex Saliba is taking on one of Malta’s largest food importers over what he alleges to be excessive and abusive price hikes by their power of monopoly. He’s most probably right and retailers who commented on this website all confirmed this. The move by Alex to address this issue and confront big importers is surprising and has caught many in the Labour Party off guard. This is the first instance under Robert Abela’s administration that a Labour Party politician is starting a battle against big local businesses over their practices. This is unprecedented in a party hijacked by criminals who ingratiate with every local business in their search for the next corrupt score.

Alex Saliba kept distinguishing himself from his Prime Minister and colleagues by declaring that he is in favour of raising the minimum wage and his position prompted the Labour propaganda rag, Maltatoday, to publish a declaration by the Prime Minister saying that he too is in favor of raising the minimum wage. Of course, Robert Abela is very worried about Alex. While Robert Abela faces the growing possibility of being voted out as Prime Minister by his own parliamentary group, Robert fears Alex Saliba because Alex has critical mass. In fact, Robert would like to see Alex failing to get elected in the upcoming MEP elections, but this may not be possible given that Alex enjoys uncritical and loyal support from a large number of Labour Party members. Now, Alex got his support by ingratiation, hardcore displays of Party loyalty, and by defending the indefensible. He has also spoken against me in the European Parliament for publishing the NuxellinaLeaks, so this is not someone who championed people’s interests, until very recently.

Alex, who, like me, is a proud and poor boy from the South, is just a more articulate version of a common Labour voter. If Alex is finding more freedom to express political views and conduct himself independently from the Labour Party and the Prime Minister, it is because this feeling of autonomy and freedom is coming back to all of Labour Party members. He would be stupid to contest the Labour Party leadership race because he is totally inexperienced and incredibly unfit for that role, but Robert fears him nonetheless because, at this point in time, Alex Saliba would get by far, much more votes than Robert Abela in a leadership race.



  1. The PN is making a seriously huge mistake by opposing Alex Agius Saliba’s crusade against the large importers cartel. So much so that I truly believe if they (the PN) do not change their attitude on this subject they can kiss a large chunk of the votes they recently won back (only thanks to Labour’s arrogance and corruption) after over a decade in oblivion goodbye.

    • The Nazzs cannot utter a word against these importers just like they shut up when matters come to a head over the likes of Joseph Portelli, Michael Stivala, Caqnu, DB, James Caterers, Schembri Bros, Bonnici Bros etc etc. They are beholden to them just like the Labour Party. The Nazzs know they are the ones who decide who wins or loses an election in Malta. A typical example is Jurgen Fenech, he has members from both sides of the political divide in his pocket. This is the true sorry state of Maltese politicians.

    • Yes! In fact he is Alex Saliba before he adopted his wife’s surname when they got married. I can never understand why a man would adopt the wife’s surname but each to their own I suppose.

  2. Alex Saliba is no true Socialist or a believer in the rights of the down trodden and I truly do not know were you got the impression that he enjoys wide support from the Labour supporters particularly diehards. For us Alex is just another immature lackey who does not like to relenquish his ride on the E.U gravy train. Alex is just making noise and creating publicity for himself because he knows that he no longer enjoys the support of the party bigwigs and of king RA. If he truly believes in the psuedo campaign against food importers he should have first commenced to lobby within both the LP and PN, As things stand he does not even have the support of the other Maltese MEPs. And while on the subject of artificial high food prices one must also consider the exhorbitant tariffs charged by the dock workers cartel and cargo haulers who have an absolute monopoly over the loading and unloading of cargo in the Maltese ports. I stand to be corrected but I believe this monopoly was supposed to be removed and Malta is undergoing infringement proceedings by the E.U because this monopoly is still in place.

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