Meet Clayton Bartolo’s “economist” and canvasser Kearon Bruno from FŻL

Kearon Bruno and Clayton Bartolo

This post is part of an investigative series on the young Labour Party activists who have supported Prime Minister Robert Abela in exchange for their political support.

This is Kearon Bruno, a canvasser for the Minister of Tourism Clayton Bartolo and a Robert Abela supporter who, of course, also works at the Ministry of Tourism as a director. Clayton Bartolo has been Robert Abela’s supporter ever since Robert announced his leadership bid, and many of the youths who supported Robert Abela back then also ended up canvassing for Clayton Bartolo who has repaid these youths with jobs and luxury and entertainment perks. The 20-year-old something has also been appointed to a think-tank and is also deputy mayor of Luqa. He has a degree in economics and claims to be an “economist”.

The best in Europe.

Darren Casha, Kearon Burno and Keith Seychell


Georvin Bugeja, Kearon Bruno and Becky Manduca (Kearon’s wife)


Robert Abela, Kearon Bruno and Georvin Bugeja


Kearon Bruno with Clayont Bartolo


Changpeng Zao of Binance who is currently being investigated for sanctions breaking and money laundering with Aaron Farrugia and Kearon Bruno


Best in Europe think-tank


Best in Europe economy (this website is funded by the government)


    • I was a member of that think thank (although I hope that I was not a “tank mimli ħara”). As far as I am aware, it was disbanded with Clayton Bartolo’s move to tourist minister.

  1. Another keynesian bookworm still in his infancy who thinks that the sun started to shine when he graduated! This is another immature kindergarten economist who by virtue of his attachments to the Labour party and Ministers will find himself running some strategic entity into the ground. Or maybe he is trying to follow in the footseps of another economist who despite lauding blockchain technology and baptising Malta as block chain island has not introduced this technology in one single government entity. Particularly the lands Authority which falls under his remit. As to the think tank, if it actually exists. Perhaps they had better start thinking how on earth RA and his cronies have lost the Labour Party a majority of 40,000 votes plus anther 5,000 votes in less than 2 years. And this with a dysfunctional Nazz party led by an inept clown.

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