The young servants of Robert Abela

Own Grech and Wayne Sammut

This article is part of a series of ongoing investigation on the Forum Żgħażagħ Laburisti and the Labour youth who have been co-opted as Robert Abela’s foot soldiers in exchange for government jobs.

In the previous article, I listed (mostly) the current executive members of FŻL who have been roped in by Robert Abela to support him in exchange for government jobs. This is very important to stress. There are various generations of Labour youth and Robert Abela tried to co-opt most of them, but it is the latest generation of Labour Youth that is mostly loyal to him. The previous generations are more critical and principled especially those who have spent years fighting the Nationalist Party administrations from the Opposition.

Some of the previous Labour Youth generations who are slightly more experienced than those previously mentioned, have been roped in to work directly Robert Abela at the Office of the Prime Minister. Here is a list.

Claire Azzopardi

Claire Azzopardi is a Communications Advisor to Robert Abela.

Claire Azzopardi

Owen Grech 

Owen Grech works at the OPM

Owen Grech with Dear Leader

Nicole Buttiġieġ

Nicole Buttiġieġ was a Super ONE propagandist, and if your memory serves you right you would remember her chasing Opposition Leader asking stupid questions and defending the criminality of Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri. She worked as Robert Abela’s assistant when he was a pseudo-legal advisor to Joseph Muscat and then worked as Lydia Abela’s personal assistant. She was also sat on a petition board for traffic citations.
















Wayne Sammut

Wayne Sammut is the former President of Labour Youths organization at the University of Malta called Pulse. Today, he works as a communications coordinator for the Prime Minister.


Wayne Sammut with Dear Leader

Apparently, Robert Abela has a lot of communications staff and it is not because he has a lot too say, but rather because he is a dumb idiot who can’t say much so he needs lots of underlings to write his political fiction. Here are his other Communication Coordinators. They include Edward Montebello (previous ONE propagandist), Melissa Vella Buhagiar, Roberta Apap and Claire Azzopardi we mentioned already.


  1. Owen Grech now heads the OPM farcical so called Customer Care unit. He is the nincompoop who elbowed out Pawlu Caligari former Head of the unit after serving for some months as his understudy. To confirm what you claim in your report that RA is recruiting his foot soldiers from a bunch of inexperienced, ignorant, narcissistic puerile nitwits. Pawlu Caligari is a veteran highly experienced ex-member of the spartan Zaghzagh Socjalisti hailing back to the days of the late Ronnie Pellegrini, Helena Dalli and others. Of course RA prefers to have an incompetent schoolboy, still wet behind the ears whose only attribute is his subservience than an experienced veteran loyal to the Labour Party.

  2. Now if you see Bobby surrounded by young people at a mass meeting… don’t get impressed… they are simply the bunch of young pigs eating at the OPM’s trough. Paid by us to attend mass meetings.

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