Hamas is a terrorist organisation that should be destroyed

These are totally despicable comments from Palestinian Ambassador to Malta Fadia Hanania who refused to describe Hamas as a terrorist organisation. It should be categorically stated that Hamas is an Islamo-fascist terrorist organisation that should be destroyed.

There are a lot of acrobatic pseudo-intellectual contortions by left-wing virtue signallers at the moment in trying to avoid condemning Hamas, and this is absurd. Hamas has done more damage to the Palestinian cause than what Israel has done to Palestine in sixty years. Conveniently, left-wingers fail to mention that Gaza was handed back to the Palestinians by an Israeli Labour government after forcing Israeli settlers out of Gaza only to be reciprocated by a Gazan electorate that voted for Hamas which proceeded to fire rockets indiscriminately at neighbouring Israeli villages and cities. For those who are suffering from amnesia, Hamas is also one of the main reasons why Benjamin Netanyahu was so consistently successful in Israeli politics with a Labour Party that constantly kept diminishing in influence.

The eradication of Hamas will be good for everyone: Palestinians, Israelis and everyone else in the region.


  1. I agree that Hamas is a terrorist group but I wonder, if Israel had to lift its 15 year + siege on the Gaza Strip which is considered the world’s largest open air prison, then would Hamas have any real relevance or support ? As it stands we basically have 2 million people living on an overcrowded small tract of land who have been cut off from the world outside of their enclave.

  2. Mark, help me out because i might be missing the point. So in 1917 Britain conquered Palestine from the Ottoman empire, then in order to win Jewish support for Britain’s First World War effort, the British Balfour Declaration promised the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine. In the meantime Israelis turned Palestinians into prisoners in their own land, or what was left of it….the Gaza strip also known as the world’s largest open air prison. Why would you call them terrorists for wanting their land back and no longer be prisoners in their home? Maybe i misread history but that’s my knowledge on the issue.

    • The Jews were occupying land illegally prior to the Balfour declaration. The haganah terrorist Jewish group led by Menachim Begin attacked both British and Arab targets between 1944 and 1948. Initially the British were against the setting up of an independent Jewish state in Palestine. Hence the insurgency by the Jews against British rule in Palestine. At that time the Jews adopted systematic ethnic cleansing against the palestinians similar to the methods used by their fore fathers 1400bc. Their credo “We shall not only kill the men but we will also massacre their women, their children, their cows and their oxen”. Israel is a state spawned by terrorisim and established on land stolen from Palestinian farmers and herdsmen. While in no way condoning terrorisim of any sort, however when international laws and diplomatic institutions fail to right the wrongs and injustices against the Palestinian people, they are left with no option but to revert to the same methods used by their occupiers and jailers when they originally missapropriated their land.

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