From Police Commissioner to the FIAU

Police Commissioner, Angelo Gafa

Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa has made it clear to his political superiors that he doesn’t intend to arrest Joseph Muscat or any Labour politician involved in crimes of gross corruption. Robert Abela has been pressuring Angelo Gafa not to arrest Joseph Muscat on an upcoming magisterial inquiry that will recommend his arrest.

Angelo Gafa has made it also clear that he intends to take a directorial post at the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit and in fact, the FIAU is currently looking for directors.

Angelo Gafa became Police Commissioner following a rule of law crisis with hopes that he would have addressed the rampant corruption in the police force and unravel the many corrupt cover-ups of Joseph Muscat and his friends. Instead, Angelo Gafa spent three years doing nothing to bring justice and Joseph Muscat and his corrupt friends have until now all got away with it. Some of them like Edward Zammit Lewis are still in parliament.

This is one of the biggest betrayals in the history of our public service. Just right at one of the most important moments in our history when we needed to rebuild our country from the wreckage of corruption, murder and organised crime, the Police Commissioner betrays the public trust, abdicates from his duties, covers his career, and leaves the scene.

Angelo Gafa betrayed the public and usurped the state for his own opportunistic and career ends. A criminal tourist holidaying as Police Commissioner waiting for his easy retirement. Angelo Gafa will go down in history as an ally of Malta’s criminal groups, a traitor, and a coward.

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