Labour Party Deputy Leader insults a journalist and tells him off

Yesterday, Labour Party Deputy Leader Daniel Micallef, insulted a Net News journalist as the journalist tried to interview him during a conference held by (apparently) one of his clients. Daniel Micallef complained that he was present at the conference in his personal capacity as an architect and that the journalist was being “unethical” for interviewing him there. Daniel told the journalist that he should have attended the press conference where he and the Labour Party President Ramona Attard, walked out of the room without giving answers as journalists pressed them for questions. He insulted the journalist repeatedly and avoided answering any questions, insisting he didn’t have any obligation to speak to the press since he was at work.

Here, you can see Daniel genuinely fuming in spite and with contempt simply for being asked a basic question by a journalist: what is the status of Silvio Grixti in the Party? I answered that here. Daniel, on the other hand, doesn’t want to answer any critical questions about the social benefits scandal and expects the press to follow his orders and commands.

This is Labour’s genuine attitude to the press. They see the press as service providers for their own propaganda efforts and expect all journalists to be loyal to Labour and follow its instructions. They don’t expect scrutiny and when they are held accountable they fume in anger and loathing. They view any independent or opposing press with contempt and hatred and expect to live without them, but not only.

Daniel Micallef, who is a public person with a very important position in politics, expects the press to contact and speak to him only during the designated hours he dictates mostly consisting of readings of scripted propaganda statements by the Labour Party.

These people are insane. Daniel Micallef, as a public person and a deputy leader of a criminal organisation involved in the major and biggest criminal cases this country has ever witnessed in its history, may very well be doorstepped right outside his house if need be. Imagine if these idiots received the treatment of the British press. They can’t come to terms with the idea of liberal democracy and its values and so engrossed they are in their crimes and cover-ups that authoritarianism has become their natural way of behaving and thinking.

Bonus. Here’s a tip for Daniel Micallef. If he is so desperate to separate his professional working life from his political life, he may explain to the public how he is a major recipient of public contracts for major government projects.


  1. Don’t ask me why, but until I read this post I’d thought Daniel Micallef was one of the more reasonable ones. I met him, briefly, a couple of years ago and he struck me as relatively modest and normal. Clearly I was mistaken. Just another unprincipled piece of shit.

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