Memes can be illegal thanks to the Labour Party

Julia Farrugia Portelli

Corrupt Minister for Inclusion and Wellbeing Julia Farrugia Portelli is bragging that thanks to a law she introduced a man was handed a €10,000 fine for publishing an “offensive meme” about down-syndrome people. You read that right, and if it doesn’t sound ridiculous already, here is a quote by the magistrate herself:

So, are we to have a meme censor now on the government’s payroll to supervise whether our memes have any artistic merit?

This is insane and it is incredible how the Labour Party is putting us many years behind with regards to freedom of speech. There is no hyperbole about Labour leading an authoritarian and criminal government. Labour is using populist concepts to falsely claim it is protecting minorities. To protect minorities from memes? They call this protection “hate laws”. Hate laws were originally conceived to prevent the dissemination of violence and not to curb free speech.

Julia Farrugia Portelli thinks this is a win for her and she is bragging about it on Facebook. The Minister has a track record of gross incompetence (do you remember the mechanisms when they re-opened the tourism sector during the height of the pandemic?), and given her history of incompetence, she is now turning to populist and authoritarian laws to make a name for herself.

Times are truly changing however, since the Nationalist Party has fellow MPs who think that all of this is ridiculous and are proposing we go back to the same principles we pushed forward during Joseph Muscat’s administration that free speech should be allowed unencumbered and a line only drawn when it came to violence.

In addition, for documentative, scientific and journalistic purposes I am also attaching copies of memes I found on the internet that are potentially illegal according to Labour’s new and current laws.  It’s called black humour and it’s offensive and also harmless, but this is now banned under Labour’s new regime.


    • No, it isn’t, but that’s what they want you to believe.

      They pretend to protect minorities but what they really want is for everyone to shut up.

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