Firing his critics but paying the rabble

Byron Camilleri

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri, is very keen on paying public salaries to silence the rabble as he fires his critics and fills his ministry with bizarre stooges. Disgraced former prison official Randolph Spiteri was supposedly transferred to the Ministry, but Spiteri is still receiving a salary from the prison administration despite not reporting to work. He has also been accused of rape by a prisoner apart from pressing the wife of another prison guard to drop sexual harassment charges against his friend. Similarly, Ramon Mercieca, the deputy police chief, who was fired following a story that he attended a party for Rosianne Cutajar with her shady friends, was also still being paid as of recently. Ramon Mercieca was also at the FIAU while Rosianne Cutajar is being investigated over money laundering.

What’s worrying is that this kind of blatant favoritism over Labour Party-affiliated officials is coming from the Home Affairs Ministry, so imagine how much more blatant the Home Affairs Ministry would act when it came to Labour Party VIPs under criminal investigation. Labour politicians can’t even hide that they are covering up for each other.


Randolph Spiteri


  1. The PN shadow Minister for Home Affairs, Dr Joe Giglio, should keep this gloomy Minister in constant check for the following:
    Persons of Trust/Civil Servants employed in Departments/Authorities under his responsibility.
    Contracts/Direct Orders awarded by his Ministry/Departments to private companies.
    Promotions and salaries expenditure in all entities under his portfolio

    it is high time Dr Giglio is vigilant on this to to ensure there is transparency, honesty, fairness, meritocracy and accountability.

  2. Dan tilef il libelli ukoll, u hallieh hemm.

    Kien jittanta prigionieri u qusu xejn mhu xejn.

    Iggieled mas soru tal habs, miskina.

    Saqsi lil Inmate AW tah pappoc, hadu mieghu dar, jixtrilu burgers, jaghmilu certifikat birx ma jitlax qorti…

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