Yes, they ruined a public entity just to spite me – they are that bad

The press is finally, covering the mess that the government has made at the entity that I led and built for eight years of my life. The government’s motivations and interests with regard to the National Book Council are driven out of spite, and this is why my successor who has no experience in the book industry at all and bears my name – this is the idea of a spiteful joke for a couple of top bureaucrats and Robert Abela. Contrary to claims,  my successor is not pleasant at all, and it’s all public courtesy. Note also the puerile reply by the Book Council and their mention of all the activities and initiatives that were introduced during my tenure.

Personally, I think I have said enough on the subject, apart from having started a constitutional case against the Council, which is only the start of my legal strategy to defend my interests against its actions. The comments made in the MaltaToday article by fellow publishers speak for themselves. These are very troubling times for the book industry in Malta and the same can be said about the press industry except for those like Saviour Balzan who are bankrolled by the government and have ample access to public resources. I bankroll my business and journalistic activity myself and I also pay better rates than many others in the business for employees and service providers. Sometimes, I’m even surprised I have come this far. I lost money on my last publication,  so I hope that the next one on Azopardo is going to be a big hit.

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