I’m sure Buddha would have loved this

Bashar al-Assad at the Lingyin Buddhist Temple with his wife Asma al-Assad.

As part of his trip to China, the war criminal Bashar-Al Assad visited the Lingyin Buddhist Temple. I think it is revolting that this war criminal is being hosted by religious leaders who are supposed to set an example for all of humanity. I hope that the Catholic Pope doesn’t get any stupid ideas, but then again, if Assad flies to Europe he would be arrested.


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  1. Maybe he would be arrested, but do not count on it. In 2005, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe ‘sidestepped’ a European Union travel ban to attend a pope’s funeral or, as critics would have it, he used the Vatican to mock the EU. The Vatican is, like China, an independent country, so it does not take orders from the EU or any other international body.

    That said, I am not sure how the sidestepping is possible, considering that the only way to land directly in the Vatican is by helicopter. Presumably, Mugabe landed in an airport in Rome, but the Italian government did not take any action and just waved him through. Would it do the same if Bashar al-Assad flew in to visit the pope? I think that remains an open question.


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