The useless Commissioner for Standards in Public Life

Judge Joseph Azzopardi

In Malta Commissioners for Standards in Public Life seem to be as malleable as Chief Justices.

Despite finding Labour Junior Minister Alicia Bugeja Said guilty of using public resources to promote herself, she will face no repercussions because she apologised. Already there were multiple Labour ministers found guilty of using public resources to promote themselves and none of them have faced any repercussions for their actions.

I would suppose that there is little dignity for a judge to serve as an enabler of impunity instead of enforcing the law, but we seem to have many members of the judiciary with an infantile mindset.


  1. If the government ever changes rules need to be put in place to stop the PM being a dictator as we have now. They also need to appoint a chief of police who is happy to lock up polititians and their friends and refuses to be bullied by anyone because whatever the current bunch of MP’s and their friends think abuse of public funds and helping yourself to public funds is a crime

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