Robert Abela’s judge: Mark Simiana

Robert Abela

As reported by this website, Mark Simiana, Robert Abela’s close friend has been appointed judge. Robert Abela’s excuse for pushing him was that he wanted a judge to be appointed from outside the bench, but this is a silly excuse. The Chief Justice seems to have been accommodating to Robert Abela’s requests and that may also explain why the Chief Justice is very tolerant of the irregular behavior of several members of the bench. Donatella Frendo Dimech has also made her intentions clear that she wants to be a judge.

Mark Simiana is not just a close friend to Robert Abela but also a close collaborator. During the past few years, Robert Abela referred Mark Simiana’s services to Labour Party donors through Labour Party officials, meaning that the Labour Party arranged for Mark Simiana to offer legal services to its donors and allies. Some of these clients included the Montebello brothers who used to own the Jerma Palace Hotel and Kenneth Abela of the very controversial Kalanka Beach Hotel.

What is also worrying is that the Prime Minister doesn’t seem to be just in contact with Donatella Frendo Dimech among the judiciary. Robert Abela pressured openly and strongly for Mark Simiana to be appointed judge and the Chief Justice was very well aware that Robert Abela wanted Mark Simiana to be a judge.

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