More time wasting by Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa

Police Commissioner, Angelo Gafa

Apart from taking on Malta’s dissidents, Angelo Gafa is now taking on people who film sex tapes and distribute them on their mobiles. I highly doubt whether Angelo Gafa has a case at all because the distribution of pornography in Malta is completely legal and this case looks more like a knee-jerk reaction by the police.

Malta is being run by an organised criminal group that is actively engaging in fraud and expropriation of public property on a daily basis, while the politicians who were part of the biggest corruption scandals in our history such as Electrogas and Vitals, have so far been left untouched by the police. Christian Borg, a known and popular drug dealer whose business partner was the Prime Minister himself is still out and about despite a long history of money-laundering., but that’s because Angelo Gafa likes covering up for Robert Abela’s friends.

Instead, the police commissioner is after a couple of individuals who distributed a sex tape that went viral.

Fucking clown.


  1. Christian Borg, a known and popular drug dealer !!

    Why hasn’t the Magisterial inquiry into the No deposit cars started yet?
    It is crucial to determine the individual/s accountable for the considerable traffic fines deleted from the Lesa System.
    We’re waiting!

  2. There is nothing more satisfying and spiritually cleansing for a diseased country than to witness a cuffed incompetent/corrupt cop doing the perp-walk into court.
    It is not unknown to happen… and only takes the will of a certain key few.

  3. So instead of closing down what is in effect a brothel, a person is charged for filming the whole incident. Might as well charge all present. Also and unrelated, why aren’t drivers given visual cues that the entry to Gzira is closed when approaching the Kappara flyover? People are a doing a “Mr Bean” having to drive around and head up the road adjacent to the flyover. What a shambles this country has become.

  4. Mhux ta’ b’xejn li hadt m’għadx għandu fiducja f’xejn!
    Issa ara jiġiex xi Ministru jħabbat il bieb !
    Parir ħa nagħti Onorevoli int min int , ta ‘naha jew oħra ! għax l-oppozizzjoni
    għanda id dover wkoll , mhux reqda !

    Ħudu ħsieb li min għamel l korruzzjoni jrid iħħallas !

    Għandek tal Benefficji Socjali
    Transport Malta
    No deposit Cars
    Jean Paul Sofia

    Imbgħad nagħamlu l’arja ma zgħir dak li jaqlaħħa u jikola .
    Hawn erba imnalla telgħa il labour fil gvern u saru CEO’s bil-pagi ta’barra min hawn , imbgħad jigi jgħidilna biex impoggu iz zibel fil fridge Is Sur Bilocca .

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