Enemy of the State: Jason Azzopardi

Jason Azzopardi

As of lately, Jason Azzopardi has been serving the role of an Opposition to the government all by himself by taking on multiple cases against the government and even releasing stories on corruption on a daily basis on his Facebook page. One of the latest cases he is defending is the Transport Malta employee and Labour Party activist who is alleging various cases of fraud by Labour Party activists and government employees including a racket on driving tests.

Jason Azzopardi is getting on the nerves of Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa because as of this week, Angelo Gafa asked his subordinates to investigate Jason Azzopardi over spreading false news with regard to the allegations being made by the Transport Malta whistleblower that he is defending. Gafa has expressly asked his subordinates to investigate Jason Azzopardi over an outdated and rarely used law that was written by a quasi-fascist and theocratic Nationalist government of 1933.

Angelo Gafa is going insane. Having failed to indict anyone over corruption related to Joseph Muscat’s administration, now Angelo Gafa is taking out his frustration against Malta’s dissidents with outdated laws that have rarely if ever been used. Not only did Angelo Gafa enable Malta to become ever more a shining example of the Banana Republic thanks to his inaction and cover-up of corrupt politicians, but he is also bringing out Draconian and authoritarian laws against Malta’s dissidents.

Angelo Gafa may also be feeling the pressure to do something extraordinary to impress his superiors at Castille: his contract needs to be renewed soon.


  1. Thanks to Jason Azzopardi’s, there is a lot of corruption that we are aware of !
    It seems like the opposition is not taking any action.
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    “Stay strong and well done, Dr. Azzopardi.”

    • Why are Bernard Grech, Alex Perici Calascione, and Piccinino staying quiet and trying to bury all these corruption stories of the government they should be opposing? It is beyond comprehension and of course, time will tell.

      Instead they are focusing on the nomination for the President of Malta, which is a purely ceremonial role and that nobody cares for.

  2. Jason should team up with Arnold Cassolaas they have both done more in a day as an opposition than the PN has done in a year?

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