The Prime Minister’s main cause for furious anger and deep frustration: a gitan with a website

Robert Abela

Prime Minister Robert Abela has been absolutely furious at Finance Minister Clyde Caruana for giving me an interview for this website. Robert has been complaining that Clyde Caruana should have followed his strict order not to speak to the independent press and in his own words “We have to agree on what we say (to the press), and can’t have everyone saying whatever they want”.

This is the second time that Robert Abela has expressly told his top-party officials and close members of his Mafia not to speak to me and the first time he did so was by banging on the table, screaming and shouting.

I’m not honored I have Robert Abela’s attention, although it is inevitable and in his own interest to read me – the man is a complete infantile imbecile and among all of the wreckage taking place in the country (thanks to him), it’s a gitan with a website that he’s mostly concerned about. I don’t think there is anything that makes him angrier.

He’s preposterous and absolutely ridiculous.


  1. Baiting Robert Abela is a great sport. A bit like shooting protected birds on Malta: very easy to do. Except, in this case, the hunter usually possesses a fair amount of intelligence, and probably has a lot of empathy and goodwill towards his fellow Maltese citizens.

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