Maltese Magistrates went for a fun outing to the government-subsidised Gladiator-set

Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech

I have a tip informing me that Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech and Nadine Lia were both present at the very inappropriate trip by the judiciary to the government-subsidised Gladiator film set. I haven’t confirmed this tip yet, however, if they actually did visit the film set, it’s very fitting with their impeachable character. The local subsidies being dished out to Hollywood movie productions is a way for the criminal organisation in government to indulge in personal entertainment on the back of public funds, so it would be expected that the rent-seeking members of the judiciary would get a little bit of fun out of this racket, as well.

The names of the magistrates and judges who attended the visit should be published because the general public has the right to know who are the members of the judiciary who find no problem in engaging in these publicly-funded absurdities that are only meant to normalise corruption, fraud, and gross recklessness in public expenditure. Magistrates are supposedly, not stupid, so I am flabbergasted at the fact that at least six members of the judiciary attended this theatrical event. Not only is the idea of the event quite boring itself and reflects their poor character- why would you want to visit a film-set, unless you are interested in the industry itself or you’re an artist or contractor getting ideas? It’s like visiting a construction site. Don’t these magistrates have anything better to do? The idea of the visit is blatantly inappropriate for the judiciary and a highly irregular gesture by a public entity to win favour with the judiciary. This is obscene.

Are these judges and magistrates mad? Why would they ever entertain such a visit of this sort? Not to mention that members of the judiciary are not expected to be engaged in any kind of social activity at all so as to preserve their dignity, integrity, and gravitas. Apparently, these members of the judiciary have no integrity and gravitas whatsoever. It is understandably very difficult for some people to live without a social life and that is why these people are totally inappropriate to be members of the judiciary: you can’t have a social life if you are a judge or a magistrate because it may influence your decisions and compromise your work. In addition, accepting invites from public or private entities as a member of the judiciary is incredibly irregular and potentially even illegal. Imagine a magistrate attending a visit to a privately-owned factory, for example, how does that sit with conflict of interest?

Why do I have to say these things? I’m just a gitan with a website, yet, standards are so incredibly low in our country that I have to be the person to point these things out.

Surely, Donatella Frendo Dimech who is under very serious accusations, apart from being in contact with the Prime Minister himself, doesn’t find a problem in any of this.

Donatella Frendo Dimech is the kind of magistrate who dines and does business with suspected money launderers under police investigation (Ġorġ il-Playboy), she has been accused of dining with Konrad Mizzi and oil-smuggler Darren Debono who is currently being charged in her court, participates in Ħamrun feast’s Sunday march in a drunken stupor, allegedly joins lawyers like Joe Giglio on their yachts, and has regular communication with the lawyers defending criminal suspects in her court such as Franco Debono and Joe Giglio. Apart from having a very public social life, she is known to love men and their company (something’s definitely wrong with her husband for sure). She is also known to bully the prosecutors, apart from admonishing them regularly in her court, often unfairly. Undoubtedly, she wouldn’t have found a problem visiting the Gladiator set. So far, Donatella Frendo Dimech has earned a reputation of being pro-accused (she sits on a court specialisinon money-laundering cases).

The Chief Justice has been silent over the constant allegations against Donatella Frendo Dimech, but standards in the judiciary have been falling all over and this is very good for the Labour Party and the government. The more these members of the judiciary are corrupted, the less motivated will they be to do their work properly and bring some justice to our ever more illiberal Mafia State.

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