Corrupt contractor Kurt Buhagiar and his boss Robert Vella received EU funds

Kurt Buhagiar

Our government is currently in overdrive covering up various corruption scandals and its many criminals. Currently, the government is very busy covering up the social-benefits scandal, as of recently, even resorting to fake news accusing Nationalist administrations of more than ten years ago of being responsible for the fraud.

Meanwhile, Prime Doofus Robert Abela hopes that the scandal of Kurt Buhagiar’s connections with the Labour Party and his fraudulent business activities that were propped up by the government and the Labour Party will simply go away. Kurt Buhagiar is currently being charged with the involuntary death of a worker at his illegal construction site on government property. There have been extensive efforts to cover up this case, especially by sabotaging the public inquiry which the Prime Minister and his allies strongly opposed.

Attorney-General Victoria Buttiġieġ is also being exceptionally lenient with Kurt Buhagiar and his business partner Matthew Schembri. In Kurt Buhagiar’s case, the attorney-general has not made any request to the police to charge Kurt Buhagiar with fraud and money laundering despite the circumstantial evidence that shows that there is a case for such crimes. The attorney-general often refuses to sign indictments by the police saying that the charges and accusations against an individual should be brought up in their totality and not separately in different phases. In this particular case, the attorney general showed no enthusiasm to request the police to investigate economic crime, on the contrary, she played a part in a fraud with the Prime Minister to ensure that the magistrate was blamed for the delay of the public inquiry.

Yet, even the closure of a disarmed public inquiry and lack of indictments won’t provide immunity to Kurt Buhagiar forever. The fraudulent activities conducted by Kurt Buhagiar and potentially also by his boss at LANDS, Robert Vella are too extensive and documented for them to ever be let off the hook. Greed took these criminals in unlikely places, such as for example to EU institutions from which they had successfully obtained EU funds that were originally aimed for EU farmers. This is not just a local jurisdictional matter, it is also a matter that involves EU institutions who may very well be able to investigate at their own discretion without cooperation or advance notice to the local police.

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