Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to ban the XL Bully breed in the UK

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has just banned the XL Bully breed following an incident where a Bully breed attacked and injured several people and children. This is a good decision, whatever “XL Bully” means – most types of Bully breeds are dangerous. The Maltese government has refused to initiate such kind of ban following a harrowing attack by bully-breed dogs that killed an old woman in her own home.

Owning a bully breed is a common cultural trait in the criminal underworld because Bully breeds are indeed dangerous and very powerful dogs. They are also one of the most abused breeds and you may find an excess of them in many dog shelters. Most of the people who own these dogs get them specifically for their strength and for being potentially dangerous either for illicit or criminal reasons or to intimidate other people around them. If you live in a city, there is 0 reason why you would need to own such a dog.

In addition, these dogs make very horrible guard dogs and they are not good working dogs. Sure, you can train them and educate them, but you will get much more value out of a guard dog from other breeds such as a German Shepherd.

Dog trainers who tell you that it always depends on how you teach and train the dog are disingenuous and self-interested. Of course, I may never kill anyone with my machine gun because I am a good person, but why would I ever own one in the first place? The same analogy goes for bully breeds. With a lot of work and training, you can tame and educate your dangerous dog, but it still remains potentially dangerous, secondly, why does society need to trust you in keeping your dog restrained? Keep in mind that the dog trainer’s biggest market is owners of dangerous dogs, that’s why you see them fighting so hard not to ban these breeds.

There is no benefit whatsoever for society in allowing people to keep bully breeds as domestic pets – the only way these dogs should be kept is if they are working dogs for authorities, institutions, and specific businesses, otherwise, there is no reason whatsoever these dogs should be bred and sold in the market.

Also full disclosure: I own a bully breed – not an XL one, whatever that means. It’s a working dog and it was rescued. Its work mainly involves being weary of wild pigs, dogs, and potentially wolves. It’s not a typical “domestic” pet.

Also, I should add that there are many people of goodwill who are rescuing Bully breeds from shelters and I applaud and thank these people since they are removing a weight from society that has been added by irresponsible and very bad people. Please ensure to sterilise them.

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  1. This is bullshit i own a bully and have never seen any harm….even more he is nice with everyone even in his own territory at home ……what we should penalise are the owners that use them for evil purposes.

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