Times flies so fast that it makes life so ridiculous

Joseph Bartolo

Life passes by so fast and so quick that it makes life so ridiculous. I have always had a great lust for life and have enjoyed most of the time of my existence. It also makes me a bit anxious sometimes knowing that it will eventually, end. I really love life and living and don’t want it to end.

Sometimes, I feel that the passing of my friends and relatives is only material but not ephemeral at all since they are very much still with me in my thoughts.

Today, I remembered about Joseph Bartolo (Sloopy) with the news about this particular restaurant since we used to dine there together and discuss politics.  We were two disgruntled socialists in a political party turning into a criminal organisation and he used to tell me many stories, of course. (I love listening to stories, so if you have any pass them on.)

Sometimes I even purposefully imagine I’m having a conversation with my dead friends in my head. Life is so ridiculous.

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  1. A sweet story. While at university, I was drawn to Sloopy and we often shared our leftist ideals. By 1973, I had lost hope in the political violence of MLP while Sloop remained believing it was the only solution. During the 1974 Independence Day PN march up what became Republic Street, Valletta, I took part and when we reached the MLP club, Sloopy came down the club stairs holding a chair above his head ready to throw it onto the marchers. As he was about to throw it, he recognised me and hesitated for a moment, broke into a friendly smile, and still threw it in my direction still laughing. Years passed and he too felt betrayed by the MLP. Some years later we met and laughed again about the incident. I always love his sense of humour.

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