More frustration by Labour’s socialists

Emanuel Psaila

I was wondering when this particular individual was going to start losing his patience. Emanuel Psaila is a disgruntled socialist and old-time Labour Party member who is conflicted between a good career with the government and his now-closeted Mintoffian principles. He was the Civil Protection chief before being appointed permanent secretary of the Ministry for Home Affairs. He is also part of the new breed of Labour bureaucrats of my generation and earned a good reputation as the Civil Protection chief, but withdrew into the shadows when he was appointed permanent secretary last year. Since then Psaila has been very discrete even about his opinions.

Not any longer, apparently. Emanuel Psaila made it clear he has some disagreements with the Minister, Byron Camilleri, and his Chief of Staff, Joseph Vella whose father was the driver of Michelle Muscat during Joseph Muscat’s premiership. Psaila was supposed to attend yesterday’s PR show with his Minister at the Armed Forces’ control centre, but instead made it clear to all his colleagues that he had cleared his desk and was leaving for home.


  1. Not one single AFM personnel manning the desks of the control centre for the photo op very reflective of reality, all are doing their part time jobs elsewhere, whitewashers, electricians and plumbers all while taking home a fixed pay from the tax payer!

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