Confirmed: Home Affairs PS resigned, touted for FIAU role

Emanuel Psaila

Emanuel Psaila has resigned from his role as permanent secretary of the Ministry for Home Affairs after a series of disagreements with Byron Camilleri and his chief of staff Joseph Vella. Emanuel Psaila called the Minister a “young and inexperienced child”, packed his stuff from the office, and left for home.

Emanuel Psaila is being touted to lead the FIAU while for his replacement the OPM has already proposed Ramon Deguara of the Cleansing Department.

Currently, Malta has a trash and rubbish crisis and the OPM wants the government bureaucrat responsible for cleaning rubbish in public places to lead the technical arm of the Home Affairs Ministry.

Welcome to Banana Republic.


  1. The FIAU needs a person with balls to radically change its modus operandi. Hopefully this man will bring this much-needed change. The FIAU needs to focus on the real criminals in this country. Right now, it is only focussing on the professionals who are made to look as though they are the criminals. May this man go after the dirty politicians and rid this country from them.

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