Labour thinks it has scored a victory because I had to retract a story

Ever since I had to retract a story, the Labour Party has been mentioning this fact in victorious terms. It seems like the Labour Party is desperately short of any meaningful victories, but their reference to my retraction is also made as part of their authoritarian narrative that everyone who doesn’t like them hates the country and is being politically opportunistic.

Without mentioning my name, the Prime Minister says that I am politically opportunistic and implies I have no goodwill.

Apparently, Robert Abela is not politically opportunistic and he is making a great sacrifice by taking a break from rent-seeking and laundering money for cocaine dealers to serve us as our Prime Minister. By now, I am accustomed to the insecurity of this half-man, half-child, who pretends he has any moral high ground of any sort just by the fact that he is Prime Minister. In fact, Robert Abela is so virtuous, that he thinks that just being Prime Minister is enough for things to be right, so instead of governing he spends his time conjuring up frauds and cover-ups as part of his theatre instead of actually governing the country. Supposedly, this imbecile thinks he is so good that his mere presence in Castille is enough for the country to be better.

They can’t come to grips with the reality that they are supposedly governing the country instead of fixating on public theatre 24/7 while trying to wage information wars with the press. There is no victory to celebrate here and Labour should fixate on the serious problems they are causing for the country rather than on scoring points against an independent journalist with a ten-year-old laptop.

I wonder how more threatened they would have felt if the opposing forces in the country were united against them and the polls started taking a different form.

Humility from a criminal organisation will only come from fear and defeat, and not through reason.


  1. Mark, do you know the source of the story? Could it be that the story was provided to you by a source from Labour to create this hullabaloo and deviate attention from the real stories?

    • You did what integrity dictated. You can walk straight and hold your head up high — unlike many in the Labour fold.

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