Talking down the social benefits scandal

Mark Musu

Undoubtedly, the person who is technically responsible for any of the social ministry’s machinations is its permanent secretary and in this case: Mak Musu. So far, Mark Musu has played down his role and participation in the social benefits racket and along with Andy Ellul, Labour Party parliamentary whip, refused calls to discuss the issue with the MCESD including in its latest meeting because it wasn’t on the agenda apart from describing the scandal as a non-issue. Mark Musu is also saying that “these things have been happening for a long time” so it is not necessary to have an extension discussion about the social benefits racket.

Now, the social ministry will be investigating itself, as the police are conducting their investigation. But why now? Why would the social ministry appoint a pro-Labour judge to make an independent investigation while the police are conducting their own? Of course, the police didn’t start their investigation after being prompted by the social ministry – the police started their investigation after being prompted by third parties who originally had no relationship with the social ministry.  Irrespective of the Police Commissioner’s position, there are several individual police officers who stood up in this case and made an effort to investigate it without political prejudice, and without these police officers, this case would have probably never come to light – yet, these officers are greatly hampered and limited by the political suppression and dysfunction of the police.

This is like making a mockery of justice and subverting it with impunity thanks to PR and the power of incumbency. Despite the fact that Mark Musu and Michael Falzon are directly responsible for this scandal, even admitting to knowing about its existence when it was being executed, they can now hire a judge to subvert the process of justice.


  1. Is it fair for one to suspect that the source of some of these scandals (the ones that are true and the ones that are not) could be from those who are close to Joseph Muscat in order to deflect attention from him ?

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