Labour’s role models for the children and leaders of our education system

Jeffrey Pullicini Orlando, a member of Joseph Muscat’s cabal and friend, apparently is chairman of the National Skills Council – an entity invented by Evarist Bartolo. Both Varist and Pullicino Orlando were at a conference organised by the National Skills Council where basically, Pullicino Orlando and Varist could take the opportunity to share their platitudes with the press on the back of the taxpayer.

These two individuals apparently have the pretensions of guiding the future of education in our country. Maybe, the younger generations would love to know how the pro-labour dentist eventually jumped aboard Joseph Muscat’s gravy train. Pullicino Orlando benefited greatly from Muscat’s government, not only thanks to insider trading deals (property) but also by being allowed to retain his spurious government role as head of Malta Council for Science and Technology. Eventually, he was made Chairman of the National Skills Council.

ONE has apparently, taken down from its Youtube, the feature on Jeffrey Pullicino when he was crying in a mass meeting alongside Lawrence Gonzi as he condemned Alfred Sant for victimising him. If anyone has a copy, please send it over to me. Meanwhile, someone should save this video before it is also taken down. Beneath, there is also another photo of another Labour role model who has pretensions of telling us how are we to educate our children.

You always get the best with Labour. The best role-models as well.

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