Here’s how the government takes us for a ride

Apparently, the dumping of tonnes of construction waste that is taking place in the Rabat/Mtarfa Valley is an ongoing activity that was supposedly halted by government enforcement agencies back in January. The Planning Authority made a PR show of pretending to halt this activity and forcing its owners to clean the mess, only for the activity to keep going ever since.

The dumping seems to have started in 2019 and some of the local press had covered the story, but didn’t follow up on it. The contractor responsible for the dumping, Paul Falzon is involved in various construction-related companies and his architect who is fighting on his behalf for the sanctioning of the dumping is previous Labour MP Charles Buhagiar. The Planning Authority is aware that despite an ongoing enforcement notice, the dumping is ongoing and so is Minister for Planning Aaron Farrugia.

Charles Buhagiar seems to be ashamed of his involvement in this affair since he didn’t even bother writing his surname in his application to sanction the dumping.

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