Here’s more on the Labour Party’s information wars

Patrick Camilleri with Dear Leader

The Labour Party is currently conducting an information war against Sliema Mayor John Pillow for combating a trash problem in his locality. It sounds crazy writing it, but this is the sad reality we live in where the Labour Party is jealous and spiteful towards people of goodwill who don’t support it as citizens are trying to rebuild the wreckage of the Mafia State.  The illiterates who listen to the Labour Party’s propaganda religiously are very willing vessels for its hatred and misinformation.

For example, this is Patrick Camilleri who runs various Labour Party propaganda profiles and groups on Facebook – most of them riddled with hate and false information about the Labour Party’s critics. Now, he is inevitably taking on Sliema Mayor John Pillow because ONE told him so. Apparently, according to Patrick Camilleri, John Pillow needs to be investigated by the Standards Commissioner for publicising the trash problem of his locality.

Send them all to China where they would be more at home with their inbred culture of stupidity.

Patrick Camilleri with Dear Leader

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