Great job by Newsbook in aquiring the evidence on Sonia Abela’s involvement in the social-benefits racket

NewsBook has published an interview with one of the recipients of the social benefit racket who has been referred to the scheme by Sonia Abela.
I applaud them for their work.

I expect tomorrow’s papers to be awash with stories about this racket.


  1. In any other country people woukd be revolting by now – in Malta they are probably thinking “why didn’t I know about this?”

  2. We are a nation of rogues. A handful of individuals who are honest and refuse to bend the rules are the victims: this has been the situation in the Maltese Islands for 40 years and more, reaching a climax these last 10 years or so. There is NO one politician – and there has not been for the last 40 years – who can safely and truthfully say that he is or has been honest. At the southern tip of Europe we are a drainge hole where all the garbage, the sh… and all that is dirty has been collected. The proof: which politician (or any politically appointed individual) has resigned over the years? They are no dirty, so corrupt and so avid that even once they have made their bit (a very large bit) they remain there and want more.

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