Busy waging information wars

There is a lot of enthusiasm by Labour Party officials when they cover up for each other, wage information wars, and fight the free press. Strange that this enthusiasm is not found when the governance of the country is concerned. It’s total confusion and disorder when they engage in anything related to actual governance, so no wonder most of their time is dedicated to media and PR instead of actual governance. Here are some of the Labour Party’s allies and paid mercenaries in its information and propaganda wars.


Saviour Balzan
Saviour Balzan


Lou Bondi


Simon Mercieca, a disinformation propogandist on Yorgen Fenech’s team.


Carmen Sammut


Karl Stagno Navarra and Dear Leader




  1. What a farce the Labour Party Leader and Prime Minister shoulder to shoulder with this lowdown trash, turncoat, opportunist and fraudist who found refuge within the Labour Party in order to vent his grudges and vindictiveness against his former nazzi masters. Of course once his buddy John Dalli fell from grace he had to look for fresh pastures. The likes of KSN have reduced the Labour party into a latrine, a place of conveniece where they relieve themselves at leisure and are rewarded handsomely.

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