Busy covering up the multi-million Euro benefits racket

Ex-Judge Antonio Mizzi has been appointed by Michael Falzon as head of an inquiry over the social benefits racket. Michael Falzon is the same Minister responsible for the social benefits racket while Antonio Mizzi is a pro-Labour judge with a long history of friendship with some of Labour’s worst names, apart from being married to ex-Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi.

This is basically, a textbook example of how a racket investigates itself. Investigations by pseudo-committees that don’t have a remit to make investigations and judge people are a common layering tool for corruption and a practice that goes way back in dictatorships and Mafia States. Even the University of Malta does this with its own sexual predators and I’m sure it’s used elsewhere for cases of sexual abuse.

If the Police Commissioner had been efficient and did his job without political interference and obligations, the perpetrators of this racket would have already been brought to justice including the ex-OPM official Sonia Abela, Minister Michael Falzon, and Owen Bonnici – instead, they covered up for themselves with a pseudo-investigation by a man who has pretenses of being independent.

They get away with it, insult our intelligence, and expect us to thank them for it.


  1. His wife has been appointment by this government as an ambassador for Sweden and his daughter is a member on the board of the Malta Communications Authority.

  2. “……and I’m sure it’s used elsewhere for cases of sexual abuse.”

    This tail piece for some reason seems to resound with what once happened in the MPO.

    They did everything everywhich way to try to muzzle the victim.

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