They got away with Miriam Pace’s murder

Miriam Pace

The company, developers, and architects who killed Miriam Pace in her own home have all gotten away with it with the minimum punishment possible (apart from paying a small sum of compensation to her husband). The building site that killed Miriam Pace will be resuming operations as if nothing has happened. The architects got community service as punishment and the husband of Miriam Pace even ended up working at the regulator meant to prevent the accident. The Kamra tal-Periti tried to revoke the architects’ license, but its decision was canceled by the courts. As it is, the system has provided full impunity and little to no consequence whatsoever to the reckless and irresponsible people who killed an innocent person out of their incompetence and greed. Everything will go on as if nothing has happened and the developers who killed Miriam Pace will even get public contracts.

Everything is back to normal as if nothing has happened. No consequences and no changes. Everything goes on. The perpetrators of this gross and disgusting crime have already been redeemed by justice and in the future, you may find them building next to you.

There is much more to the story that we are not seeing, yet. Just like the origins of the construction company that killed Jean-Paul Sofia, the construction company that killed Miriam Pace, MCZMC Developers Limited has very dubious origins. Two of its shareholders seem to be particularly young, and one of the architects involved in her death, Roderick Camilleri is also a shareholder of the company.

The financing of the company is also dubious and secret. The company was registered just a year before it killed Miriam Pace, and interestingly enough two directors in the company, namely Malcolm Mallia and Elton Joseph Caruana seem to have connections with the Labour Party apart from being close to the Malta Developers’ Association. Malcolm Mallia was originally suspended from the MDA but has now been accepted back. Elton Joseph Caruana was a deliveryman with Devon Biscuits before becoming a property developer in 2016 with his company called 19 Properties Limited.

The company has been funded by up to €900,000 in loans for its initial operations.

So, this company comes out of nowhere, gets up to €900,00 in loans, receives a number of public contracts, kills a woman in her home in one of its first-ever construction projects, and everything goes on as if nothing has happened.


    • Faced with a culture of impunity where the strong and wealthy crush the weak and poor, the down trodden will learn to believe in only one form of justice. Otherwise the system is rigged and skewed against the weak and law abiding citizens of this country.

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