Retracting my previous story on Ramona Attard

Ramona Attard

I’m retracting my previous story on Ramona Attard’s father given that my information was incorrect and I did not verify it accurately. Apparently, her father has legitimate medical issues and receives a different sort of social benefit.

I apologise for the inconvenience and in my defense it is rare that I ever had to do a retraction. I will also say something that previously I haven’t said.

Journalists like myself are inundated with fake information most of it produced by the Labour Party in order to weaken our legitimacy. There are many times when I have to verify fake stories. Recently, I had to verify a fake story that was manufactured by Silvio Schembri at the same time I was investigating him. It was a rumor that he had an affair which turned out not to be true. Some of these fake stories are also being fabricated by various individuals close to Joseph Muscat including Charlon Gouder and Ramona Attard herself.

As for Ramona Attard,  she did not make any attempt to communicate with me to inform me that the story is fake, and usually, that’s what people do when they are concerned about having false information published about them or their relatives. Instead, Ramona Attard opted to publicise a denial that started with an attack describing journalists and myself as a “clique of evil”. I’m glad she did. Ramona Attard is a member of a criminal organisation that murders journalists and celebrates their murder with chants of “minced meat” and whatnot. In this particular case, she had little concern about the information published and was more interested in publicising an attack against a journalist. She also has a long history of fabricating propaganda and fake stories against journalists and is still at it to this day.

Ramona Attard comes from the ONE class of propaganda of 2008-2013 along with other popular scumbags such Charlon Gouder and today’s Justice Minister Jonathan Attard. They are all friends and used to be close to Joseph Muscat. Now they are close to Robert Abela.


Ramona Attard and Charlon Gouder
Ramona Attard and Jonathan Attard


  1. Minn bicca skrivana il Maltacom u ecabs ghal advisor.
    Ramona kemm il darba pruvajt tghaddi mill kors tal ligi biex fl- ahhar irnexxielek meta tela il-mahbub Gowsef fil-gvern.

    Ramona ghadek in contact ma dak it-tali lecturer?


  3. The irony of it is that this allowance is considered a pension and is terminated once the pensioner status reached as one cannot receive two pensions

  4. Meta din kienet tahdem skrivana San Giljan mal Maltacom , kienet dejjem teqred kontra Gonzi u il PN li ma trattawx il missiera sew fuq xi issue li kellu mal gvern. Ma nafx hekk kienitx tirreferi ghad disability pension. Ramona gejja min familja pampaluna Nazzjonalista tafux!

  5. Mr. Camilleri
    I think you should elaborate more on the mafia state people who celebrated the death of Daphne Caruana Galizia in parties or on Facebook, and were proud by calling ‘saret irmied’ ‘giet ikkapuljat’, ecc, ecc

    You should reveal the names of people in the mafia state and within the circles of the mafia state, including potentially people who still collaborate with newspapers like Malta Today and the Malta Independent.

    • Why not include the names of those thousands of nazzi turncoats and opportunists who switched to labour with the scope of preferential treatment which many acquired and continue benefitting from. Some are quite notorious so I can mention them my self e.g Stagno Navarra, Joseph Cuschieri, Cyrus Engerer, Musumeci, Bondi, Jonathan Borg, John Bonello, Ryan Fava etc.., They are partially to blame for labour’s resounding electoral victories so it is not only the gahans fault.
      Meanwhile Ramona Attard is a two bit lawyer who is not worth shit if it was not for her undeserved role as President of the champagne labour party which she is leading into a brick wall. Her heart bleeds so profusely for the common citizen and down trodden that she even defended the Lands Authority against the Gzira local council who sued the Lands Authority for transferring part of the public garden in Gzira to make way for a petrol station. So while the Gzira local council led by Manche were standing up and defending the citizens’ rights she opted to defend the Lands Authority when this case could have been handed over to one of the dozens of lawyers contracted by the Authority. So much for her socialist principles and beliefs. Needless to say she lost the case.
      It is amazing how these two bit lawyers like Lynn Chricop Faure, Ramona Attard, Maria Sarah Vella and Luke Dalli all seem to find refuge within the Lands Authority

  6. Mark, keep your eyes peeled for what lies ahead of you is a path strewn with booby traps.

    They’re thirsting for your blood as they break out in a cold sweat with images of those chats with il-Qurmija dancing before their mind’s eye.

    Running scared, knowing that their days are numbered before you deliver the goods on them.

    Tread carefully, as if you’re walking on eggshells…….but keep them guessing as to when you’ll come knocking.

    That’ll wear them down.

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