Labour Party activist Sonia Abela facilitated the social benefits racket from the OPM

Sonia Abela

Sonia Abela, a canvasser for Alison Zerafa Civelli (Robert Abela’s sister-in-law) and an employee at the Office of the Prime Minister is another reference who sent claimants to Silvio Grixti on behalf of several ministers including Owen Bonnici and Konrad Mizzi.

She works as a customer care agent – something normalised in the landscape of corruption in the Mafia State. Customer care is where you call when you need favours.

If you need a social benefit, call Sonia at OPM and she’ll fix it up for you.





  1. This woman, like many of the people in customer care under the labour government, has a sense of entitlement that can be felt from miles away! If I am not mistaken she is (or was) also a mayor of some place in Gozo which makes it very clear that she decided to canvas for the Prime Minister’s sister-in-law for purely opportunist reasons! Tahseb li hi xi haga din u kull minn kellu x’jaqsam maghha jaf ezattament x’qieghed nghid!

  2. This is absolutely unforgivable on many levels. (a) Forging of signatures (b) falsely claiming serious illness (c) being aware of wrongdoing and pushing forward with subscribing to the ploy.

    Many are asking to go for those who created and ran the scheme. Fine, but their work would have been cut short if they had no clients! So it is the clients that equally need to be severley punished. These people were never lectured on how every action brings consequences, good or bad. They have to face the music. Strip them off their social benefits for the duration of time they spent taking money from the state illegally apart from demanding a return of all the money stolen plus interest! But this will never happen in Malta. Labours corrupt roots have spread so far and deep now that unless the school of corruption that is MLP is shutdown we will never heal. Ever.

  3. That last photo inspired me to look up this quote from some old propaganda:

    „Ich werde keinen Widerstand dulden. Wir erkennen nur Unterordnung an – Autorität nach unten und Verantwortung nach oben.“
    Adolf Hitler, Mai 1931

    “I will tolerate no opposition. We recognise only subordination – authority downwards and responsibility upwards.”

  4. Sonia Abela is one of those nincompoops who would only classify as a cleaner or security guard if she was to seek employment within the private sector. Or maybe a maid who provides additonal “x” rated extras to some well off bachelor or widower. Like other misfits of her kind she is employed on a person of trust basis as a Customer Care agent thus making a mockery of the very term ” customer care”. Such people are only fit to organise coffee mornings. sell tickets and swoon over their favourite Minister. The majority of these nincompoops have never had any formal customer relations training or experience or even worked in an office environment. They lack communication skills and empahty and yet they are entrusted to hear and listen to the public’s complaints and provide solutions to their woes.

  5. Imnalla jezisti l foundation, make up, Botox, kulur ecc. Qatta wannabes u nouveau rich 🤢 Ahjar tmorru tixtru ktieb!

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