1. Ah, so, then perhaps Dr Chircop Faure can tell us why Protocol No 12 to the European Convention on Human Rights, which provides for a general prohibition against discrimination in the enjoyment of any right at law, and which was signed and ratified by Malta on 8 December 2015 (coming into effect as regards Malta on 1 April 2016), has still not been transposed into the First Schedule of the European Convention Act. This failure to transpose means that people in Malta cannot invoke this Protocol before the local courts. What is the government afraid o, or trying to hide? Has transposition been lost in the clouds?

  2. What a fake. Lynn Chircop Faure is the typical Nazz turncoat who infilatrated and endeared herself to the Labour Party. If there ever was an unproductive lawyer and joyrider at the Lands Authority it was Lynn Chircop Faure. Despite her lack of apptetite for productive work she still demanded that she deserved to be promoted to a senior managerial post. Then she joined labour’s LEAD programme and for a while pretended she was going to contest the 2017 GE on Labour’s ticket. Of course she is not worth shit and quickly denied labour and commenced criticising RA. How about that for integrity and conscience?
    For her troubles RA had her appointed Director of the Human Right Directorate.How about that for integrity and consciense? Under Labour it pays to be a turncoat and hypocrite.

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