Here’s something that wasn’t mentioned about Silvio Grixti

Silvio Grixtri and Robert Abela

Silvio Grixti has been previously forced to resign from his seat in parliament over an investigation about a benefits fraud scheme that is only now coming to light.

Silvio Grixti is not the main culprit of this story and he has been used as a useful idiot by people whom he should have never trusted such as Konrad Mizzi and Michael Falzon who were some of the ministers involved in the benefit-fraud scheme. Silvio Grixti never earned anything out of this scheme, never received payments from the claimants, and never received kickbacks from his political superiors or colleagues.  Silvio Grixti entered into a lot of trouble with a lot of bad people for absolutely nothing and he gained nothing out of this.

Unlike Anton Refalo and other criminals, Silvio Grixti was not protected by the Prime Minister and instead was forced to resign at the immediate notice of his wrongdoing. Grixti was a known loyalist of the Chris Fearne faction and his exit from politics is very convenient to Robert Abela.


  1. Dr Silvio Grixti is a victim of the Labour crime syndicate and the selective immunity enjoyed by the select few under the protection of RA and his cronies. In sharp contrast although Paul Pace is facing charges of fraud in claims of payment for overtime when he was absent from work the FCID were not called in to investigate. What have the likes of Paul Pace ever done for the benefit of the Labour Party?Who is protecting him? And how about Anton Refalo’s retention of a stolen national artifact displayed boldly in his private garden! Dr Grixti did not hesitate to resigned his parliamentary seat when he was intially linked to this abuse.
    While I do not in any way condone what has happened however it is obvious that Dr Grixti is being used as the sacrificial lamb in order to deviate the attention from the actual network and involvement of others in its operations. Dr Grixti is a family doctor beloved by his patients and a firm believer in helping the down trodden and the needy. Unfortunately he was naive enough to let himself be manipulated to form part of this network of abuse of social services benefits. It is obvious that a lot of of people including Labout Party officials, Ministers, civil servants and Castille were all aware of this abuse. Yet they turned a blind eye becasue it served them well knowing that if things went south they could always wash their hands of Dr Grixti and deny any involvement. I ask where were the checks and balances within the social services Ministry and department to nip such abuses in the bud?
    I augur that the same newspaper that has published this extensive report on this abuse and Silvio Grixti, will continue to follow up and likewise provide us with extensive information once more revelations and particpants of this network come to light..
    I also augur and encourage Dr Grixti to ditch any misguided notion of loyalty to the party or government and when the time comes he will expose those who have turned their backs on him and denied any wrong doing even though they participated and abetted such abuse.

  2. This is text book institutionalized corruption. No point in repeating the obvious that Malta is corrupt to the core. But make no mistake, what has been uncovered is tremendously serious. Those offered the monthly perk should be taken to court and tried for what in functioning jurisdictions is referred to as a white collar crime and which has cost you, me and all law abiding citizens tens of thousands. No it is not just the doctor and his Labour MP sidekicks (irrelevant who was a sidekick to whom) but it is also the beneficiaries. Those who saw nothing wrong because the money “comes from nowhere” or because “everyone does it” can stick those remarks up where the sun don’t shine! You lot have ruined Malta, period. Where’s Mizzi and his “shame on you” bollocks? You lot are a disgrace. Spineless parasites bringing nothing of value to your country or people. This country is split between those who are inept and those who keep struggling to do the right thing. What’s the opposition doing about this? Do we have to wait for the civil society groups to organize mass protests against the inept segment of the population?!

    • Don’t wake Bernard Grech up. He is busy attending village feasts and concerts. He is in it for the perks of being an Opposition leader and not for the actual work of Opposition.

      Robert Abela, one of the most incompetent PMs ever could not be luckier with Adrian Delia and then Bernard Grech. No wonder PL is arrogant and that everyone is jumping the sinking PN ship.

  3. What have the likes of Paul Pace ever done for the benefit of the Labour Party?
    Paul Pace was the leader of the gang in the protests against the PN , energy and water costs when the world’s cost of oil was €120 /barrel. He helped Labour into Power , one of many who were promised a golden egg by Muscat. He was buddy buddy with the GWU.

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