Dear Lord, deliver us from insanity

Miriam Dalli

Minister for Energy, Miriam Dalli is addressing the very serious and existential crisis in our electricity and energy system by building offshore wind farms.

This is insanity driven purely by the fascination with propaganda, narcissism, and outright incompetence. Malta is going through a very serious crisis with regard to its generation of energy and distribution of electricity. This problem is not going to be solved with renewable energy sources. Germany is currently in deep trouble right now with energy prices still going strong as renewables failed to provide a reliable alternative – Germany is today using coal for the generation of its energy after closing its nuclear power plants and its electricity prices are still relatively high.

Malta needs a very substantial and strategic energy plan and although renewable energy should be a feature in this plan, it is not the major solution. Renewable energy is incredibly inefficient for Malta since we do not have the space for it and it is also extremely expensive.

I am, of course, not a climate denialist, but we are shooting ourselves in the foot, addressing the problem of climate change and the generation of energy in the wrong way. Europe has done well in mitigating its carbon emissions but the problem is not in the West. The problem is with developing countries.

This is why Europe needs a strong, united, and cohesive foreign policy to tackle the world’s problems that are in our interest to tackle. Malta should be aligned with this foreign policy view.

Politicians in Europe, especially in Malta should be in panic mode working day and night on big projects and strategies, not in narcissistic-propaganda mode.

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