Champagne socialist vs Saul Goodman-turned Prime Minister

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Net Worth + lifestyle:

Robert Abela

2 villas – one rented
€500,000 in cash holdings some of it undeclared

Has a history of money laundering, association with major cocaine traffickers, fake public contracts, fraud, and insider trading.
Holidays frequently with his boat and dines out many nights during the week and on weekends with his wife and friends.
Doesn’t read.
Known as a total imbecile but a good grifter.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne.
Net worth + lifestyle:

2 villas
€150,000 cash holdings
€120,000 global stocks fund yielding 10%.
€50,000 in bonds yielding 5%
€50,000 insurance fund.

Has a history of cutting up children in London with sharp knives.
Holidays with a backpack with his wife on economy without a VIP pass.
Reads books.
Rarely seen out unless campaigning.







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