So many people people suffer from amnesia in this country

Lawrence Gonzi

Apparently, there are a couple of angry individuals who are visiting my site extolling the virtues of the great Lawrence Gonzi and telling me how wrong I am to say that Malta was a wreck under his premiership.

Are these people suffering from amnesia, or are just too blind to be somewhat critical of their ex-Party leader?

I’m a diplomatic person, so I assume it is the latter.

You can read my article on Lawrence Gonzi, here. Lawrence Gonzi sat on a very corrupt and incompetent government administration that wrecked the country and paved the way for Joseph Muscat. Our standards were so low that Muscat looked good in comparison. Under Lawrence Gonzi, the economy was a swamp of precarious and minimum-wage jobs, apart from the rampant nepotism and corruption in every government entity and department. We didn’t have a Mafia State like today, but it still wasn’t good. If people are happy with what they had under Gonzi, then undoubtedly their standards are way low.

People who praise Lawrence Gonzi are those who didn’t have to struggle during this premiership – people who are completely removed from the ordinary realities and struggles of ordinary people.

For the record, I did well under Gonzi but only because I was smart enough to take various jobs in one go. I even bought my first property, but I am not an ordinary person, and what I did back then was also highly risky (nothing illegal for sure). I am the exception and not the rule and should not be used as a comparison.



  1. I think its because more than 10 years have passed since the Gonzi administration and in those 10 years we have seen so many scandals and corruption that in comparison the Gonzi government look like saints. We tend to forget the arrogance, corruption albeit much less than it has been since 2013.

  2. Muscat looked good in comparison because he promised everything under the sun and the Maltese Gahan took the bait.

    What was your excuse in 2017, remind us please?

    • Oh, wow. Look what the cat dragged in! H.P. Baxxter!

      Good to know you are still out there, fighting the good fight and, no doubt, making people laugh with obscure references to 1990s techno music, even though the world is much less amusing than when Daphne was still alive.

      Occasionally, I randomly remember some old post of Daphne’s or yours and go hunt it down (not always successfully).


    • If you are asking why 2017 saw the re election of another PL government in then you are still trying to compare PL with PN and accepting the lesser of both evils.

      That’s nonsense and Joe Public saw through it figuring better go with the one that’s wrecking the country and leaving scraps than one that is wrecking the country but keeping it all between their klikka.

      Claiming one is better cause its corruption is small in comparison is what brought us here in the first place.

      People need to start thinking different if we are to ever come out of this mess. But when I read questions like yours I hold very little hope.

  3. Once JM became leader of the MLP the local business and criminal cabal took over. Pacts and shady arrangements with the likes of Joseph Portelli, Sandro Chectcuti, Apap Bologna, Gaffarena, Yurgen Fenech, Schembri Brothers, Elbros, Polidano brothers, Zammit Tabona’s etc etc became the order of the day. Unlimited funds were made available for the MLP electoral campaign. For the first time in its’ existance the LP appointed a millionare in castille as Chief of Staff while an unknown so called whizz kid took over the various lucrative strategic projects e.g Vitals/Stewart and Electrogas. Nazz turncoats and opportunists flocked to JM’s side. A vast number of disgruntled nationalists opted to vote for labour in 2013 and continued to do so in 2017, as the Nazz party remained dysfunctional. Lawrence Gonzi and his special delegate Simon Busuttil were no match for JM and his team, particulalry sinc the Nazzs were abandoned by the business and criminal cabal running Malta. The Nazz party remains dysfunctional even to this day. Moreover the votes of Nazz turncoats compensated for the votes of disgruntled labour supporters who opted not to vote or invalidate their votes in 2017.
    In various public entities Nazz supporters or “taghna ilkoll” are provided preferential treatment by being promoted or employed at the expense of Labour traditonal diehards. Or appointed as CEOs at the head of some public entity. Why should they vote for the Nazz party? They have never had it so good.
    Meanwhile Labour diehards who stuck to their principles and suffered discrimination and injustices under Fenech Adami and Lawrence Gonzi and the likes of John Camilleri and Joe Saliba, are not only called simpletons by the likes of Zammit Lewis but treated as such by the Labour Goverment and the Labour Party. RB and Labour are heading the same way Lawrence Gonzi and the Nazzs did between 2008 and 2013 that is headlong into the wall.

  4. I’m not sure where you got the less than half the women worked statistic as I know many women who already worked at that time. Possibly since then many more women could not afford not to work because buying a house and expenses in general became much more expensive. Likewise it meant many more cars on the road, because we put the cart before the horse.

    • It’s easy to forget that John dalli was a PN product who was embroiled in corruption scandals practically from first years of PN government.

      Ninu Zammit and Michael Falzon the only ex ministers to actually be found having foreign secret bank accounts that held millions of unexplained cash.

      The number of incompetent CEOs of public. Entities that started the ruin of Enemalta and Airmalta

      Where is everybody with Lou Bondi controlling the public broadcasting narrative

      Need I continue?

      Basically people seem to forget that JM simply copied PN but on a much larger scale

      People understand what a million us but not 500 million

  5. Funny that Mr Gonzi appears to want to rewrite part of Malta’s recent history in order to boost his legacy and ego. It was under his leadership that grossly tainted individuals were facilitated prestigious positions abroad. The snus fiasco is one them. Mr Gonzi why do you think that one should be still listening to you?

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