Since you asked, Lou Bondi doesn’t mind doing a PR job for Robert Abela either

I’m glad someone asked about Lou Bondi. Nowadays, he doesn’t mind doing a PR job for Robert Abela after having worked for state entities and big names in the private industry such as DB Group. Everyone can make their judgment on the choice of clients and services one provides. Lou Bondi, just like Labour’s full-time propagandist Saviour Balzan, used to be an investigative journalist before he preferred taking on PR and consultancy contracts from Joseph Muscat’s government. He’s still at it under Robert Abela’s government playing the same PR services playbook to our own political and private undesirables.


  1. Lou Bondi of tan nanna olga fame and poster of Adolf hitler publicity stunt is one of those Nazz turncoats and opportunists that has since 2013 infiltrated and endeared himself with the Labour champagne socialists. And yet nitwits like Manuel Cuschieri contiually lambast the Nazzs inciting labour simpletons against them while the likes of Lou Bondi, Joseph Cuschieri. Johnatan Borg etc besides the hordes of pseudo business men who prior to 2013 caused a lot of harm and damage to the Labour party, get preferential treatment and have never had it so good. For these hypocrites and turncoats it is well and truly the best of times.
    For those who forgot:

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