Joseph Muscat’s faction in the Labour Party

Joseph Muscat and Michael Farrugia

Remarkably, Joseph Muscat still has loyalists and his own faction inside the Labour Party, and this faction is not doing so well with Robert Abela either. Even Lydia Abela, Robert Abela’s wife is no longer on speaking terms with her previous friend Michelle Muscat (Joseph Muscat’s wife) and this is quite disappointing to Michelle given she had made a great effort to call up as many Labour Party members she could to vote for her husband in the leadership race.

Joseph Muscat’s faction in the Labour Party includes Michael Farrugia, Alex Muscat and Glenn Bedingfield and they form a faction of their own amongst the other factions. Glenn Bedingfield is also on the Public Accounts Committee currently questioning Joseph Muscat and his friends on the Electrogas project. Apart from this faction, Joseph Muscat still has loyalists who support him such as Silvio Schembri and Roderick Galdes – both are part of the real-estate racket around Robert Abela. There is also the Labour Party President, Ramona Attard, who is still on good terms with Joseph Muscat despite being close to Robert Abela as well. Supporting Joseph Muscat as always is also Charlon Gouder.

Joseph Muscat is flustered at the fact that he will be going to trial over bribes he took for the public hospitals’ deal, and apparently, Robert Abela can’t do anything about it, unless Muscat is hauled in front of Donetalla Frendo Dimech’s court and Robert writes her on her Whatsapp as he used to do previously, to give Joseph Muscat a break.

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