Of course, Robert Abela doesn’t trust Cyrus Engerer – Cyrus’ partner is causing Robert quite some trouble.

Robert Abela wants his MEPs loyal, blind, and stupid like Alex Agius Saliba, so of course he doesn’t like Cyrus Engerer and doesn’t want him to contest the MEP elections. What wasn’t mentioned in The Shift’s article about Engerer’s MEP candidacy is that Engerer is Randolph Debattista’s partner.

As of lately, Randolph Debattista has been one of Robert Abela’s most vociferous critics in the parliamentary group, although he can’t pull off a contradictory statement in public. Randolph was also appointed Labour Party CEO after Robert Abela fired him from that post, only to re-hire him again after Robert’s choice was, of course, a disaster. Now, Robert Abela is stuck with a Party CEO who doesn’t like him. Randolph has been a very loyal servant so far, but at least he is less idiotic than many of his colleagues. Currently, Randolph Debattista is part of the Labour Party’s disillusioned socialists and these are the left-wing MPS and Party officials who are neither supportive of Robert Abela nor Miriam Dalli.

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  1. Rather than doing the rounds and extolling LP delegates to remain closer to the electorate and to inspire their support he should be appealing to the hardcore disgruntled members to stand up and be counted. Robert Abela and his minions are not the party. Robert Abela has never been an active member of the party or militated against the nazs. When the nazs were in power he was being sugarcoated and assuming control over his father’s lucrative network and connections. The LP party needs to shake itself free from the parasites and infiltrators that have assumed control of its structures. True Labour diehards must resort to any means if necessary in order to liberate the LP party from the influence and control of castille and the cabal that runs it.

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