The swamp at Identity Malta

I don’t know if the whistleblower’s allegations on Identity Malta are true or not. Aziz is a previous Labour Party local committee member of Balzan who is claiming that Identity Malta has issued fraudulent voting documents to add to the Labour Party’s votes among which were voting documents of dead people and foreign-born Maltese. Aziz is also making allegations against Transport Malta officials on the test driving racket and claims that his residence permit was revoked as retaliation against him by the Minister responsible for Identity Malta, Alex Muscat.

I do not know if Aziz’s allegations are true but I can give context that gives a lot of credibility and consistency to what Aziz is alleging. Aziz is not the only person who has been victimized for knowing what goes on at Identity Malta. Numerous employees have been bullied out, forced to resign, or outright fired (transferred to other departments) for protesting against the rampant corruption and abuse at Identity Malta. It’s not just that Identity Malta is a corrupt vehicle by which various politicians, including Alex Muscat himself, got rich, Identity Malta is a nightmare workplace led by the previous AFM Colonel Mark Mallia where rampant bullying is exercised over other employees by his trusted officials; also ex-army members. Added to the bullying there is the repetitive and constant sexual harassment of some noteworthy Labour Party activists.

I can reveal the names of all these people, including those who are entrusted to deal specifically with requests from the OPM to fast-track several applications. Surely, I may reveal the names of those who have committed sexual harassment in the workplace if official disciplinary procedures are not taken place. In addition, most of the requests from the OPM to fast-track particular applications are handled by two Identity Malta employees, one of whom is Luana Cini and Byron Camilleri’s cousin (she’s also a Labour Party activist and member). Most of these requests that come from the OPM are for Tumas Group, DB Group, and Signal 8 Security (owned by the infamous Labour thug of the 1980s Joseph John Grech or Jovan), but there are others. My allegations are not just rumours, but very serious allegations which have been documented by several official sources, and they have also been proven to me with a series of different chats.

Colonel Mark Mallia was appointed at Identity Malta after leaving the Armed Forces with a cohort of LabourParty associates along with Brigadier Jeffrey Crumi. He is Joseph Muscat’s close friend and a hanger-on to the current Labour Party administration. The problem with Mark Mallia, like ex-Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi, is that they can’t get rid of him so easily and they always have to find some way to appease him because he knows many compromising things both on Joseph Muscat and Robert Abela.

Mark Mallia


  1. Wasn’t Mark the guy who used the back door at ‘Villa Francia’ in Lija for his secret visits ? ( backdoor as in the back entrance through the alleyway )

  2. i was one of the victims harrassed and got relesed under probation as I was not ready to be corrupted.I am not a Yes Sir

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  1. Colonel Mark Mallia was George Abela’s Aide-de-Camp – Mark Camilleri

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