In it for the business

Holding back the Nationalist Party are MPs like Joe Giglio who are in it for the business. A rent-seeking lawyer who is in contact with Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech and also previously, a lawyer for Pilatus Bank, Joe Giglio is the kind of politician that represented the corrupt wasteland of the Nationalist Party administrations. He can’t say no to a solicitation for business or services and basically takes on any criminal and any opportunity while at the same doing politics. Unashamedly, he doesn’t mind attacking a whistleblower in parliament in support of his previous client, because, of course, he is in it for the business. He was also a best man to Robert Abela – yes, it’s totally Sicilian-village-like.

His friend and fellow MP, Adrian Delia is another opportunist, except that he is a man heavily in debt who entered politics in what is like a story that reads like a Balzacian tragi-comedy. Adrian Delia, however, unlike Joe Giglio, can’t say no to a client. Adrian Delia’s financial problems are so challenging that he may very well accept to suck off the devil himself. So why not work for the lowest scum of society, like Rainer Scerri, for example?

Adrian Delia is representing Rainer Scerri in his appeal against his suspension by the Aquatic Sports Organisation. The chair of the appeals committee is Joe Giglio.

These idiots will do politics according to their interests because for them it is always business first and politics later.


  1. Mangy sniffer dogs like these should not only be kept as far from ANY power as possible, but should remain both permanently and precisely where they belong – the doghouse.

  2. Thank you Mr. Camilleri for keeping us posted with these shenanigans. There is no alternative to the mafia state.

    I hope what you said about a third party gains momentum. I am an orphaned voter who cannot vote for either party.

  3. And here I think you mean “like Joe Giglio” in your second para.

    Can you please publish your email so that if there are comments like this they can be sent to you privately

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