In defence of condescension and ridicule in an idiocracy

Etienne Schembri with PL Deputy-Leader Daniel Micallef

I do not consider myself to be highly intelligent. I consider myself to be of average intelligence after having proved myself in various fields, apart from doing well academically and in IQ tests. In reality, I consider myself to be of relatively, very normal intelligence and capabilities with an extra edge and I’m aware I have nothing extraordinary. I also like spending a lot of time with people who are more intelligent than me and I always look for ways to feel stupid and learn again. I consider myself an eternal student.

Having said that, and making it absolutely clear that I have nothing special and carry no pretensions, I propose for Malta and my fellow Maltese a defence of condescension and ridicule in a case for great intolerance for stupidity and idiocy. I have no problem with being ridiculed for my mistakes and my human errors are regular, but that is also because my productivity is very high, so something has to give.

Recently, we have had this mini-controversy about some participants in a Maltese quiz who gave some very stupid answers. The TV-show host, Etienne Schembri has condemned the ridicule that was directed at the quiz participants who gave the stupid answer. He calls it “bullying”. The Labour Party is also proposing a law which outlaws “bullying”.

First, some context. Etienne Schembri comes from the Labour Party and that is why he can have a TV show on the public broadcaster. The public broadcaster is the Labour Party’s own territory and is used exclusively as a vehicle for pro-government and Labour Party propaganda. Most of TVM’s programmes are of low quality and include slapstick comedy, puerile talk shows involving ministers giving scripted interviews and propaganda broadcasts called “news”. The quality of programmes on TVM is very low while and most of it is publicly subsidised.

For a long time, our public broadcasting has served as a very effective propaganda tool. Propaganda and misinformation in Malta are very effective due to the high degree of illiteracy and ignorance in the country. Even those who pretend they are intelligent are susceptible to great ignorance -we’ve got lots of idiotic academics who have never contributed anything other than supporting the Party in government. Let me remind you that a large portion of the population still believes that the family of Daphne Caruana Galizia was somewhat involved in her murder because Mafia and Labour Party propaganda says so. This is just one example where rampant ignorance and illiteracy can be materially damaging. Recently, the Prime Minister himself conducted a fraudulent campaign with outright lies to discredit a magistrate and he did this in collaboration with a media-house owner.

Our country has suffered for so long with the recycled multi-million Euro campaigns of misinformation, outright lies and propaganda. The Labour Party constantly exploits the ignorance and illiteracy of its supporters to feed them with convenient lies. The narrative of lies of deceit by the Labour Party is conducted in bad faith and with ill will – to consciously cover up corruption and defend the rent-seeking regime. And this is how the Labour Party is currently surviving: buying votes and exploiting the ignorance of its supporters.

If more people were educated and well-informed in this country, the political scene would be radically different. Take a look at the names of the cabinet and of the MPs who support Robert Abela. This is the most stupid and dumb government we have ever had. There are people out there who genuinely believe in the qualities and intelligence of the members of the Labour Party’s parliamentary group, but whether you are stupid or not is not up for political debate or relative arguments.

In conclusion, ignorance and stupidity are destroying our country and we should not tolerate it any longer. In our particular historical conditions, it is good that people who have the pretension to go on a quiz are ridiculed for giving incredibly stupid answers. We need more condescension, more shame and ridicule of people who are outright stupid and not less. I would even go further and say that imbeciles should be bullied out of their idiocy. The more we tolerate stupidity in our country, the more our country will get wrecked. These are critical times. We live in a Mafia State and a banana republic. We have to draw the line.

There is no excuse for being stupid in Malta unless you have health and mental issues. Education is free and the internet provides a nearly infinite amount of educational resources. People are actually paid to get undergraduate degrees in Malta. So, poverty is not even an excuse for being stupid in Malta. Any dumb idiot can spend an hour a day on the internet reading and learning stuff or a new skill. There are no excuses for being a total imbecile.


Oppenheimer fever is well and truly upon us… but it looks like not everyone knows the exact details of the atomic bomb thriller 👀 In a clip from a recent episode of the Maltese quiz show Wonderball which has been steadily going viral over the last couple of days, two contestants are faced with a history question – name the two places which suffered the brunt of two atom bombs in August 1945, a monumental event which had not only thrown the planet into the Atomic Age, but also effectively brought World War II to a grinding, devastating end. But while the names of Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki still ring loudly a whole 78 years later, the on-the-spot question seems to have thrown the Maltese contestants a bit off guard, with one of them simply answering Birgu 😳 “Birgu?! No, Malta wouldn’t even exist if it had to be Birgu,” host Etienne Schembri replies, as the pair lose their ball and turn following the apocalyptically wrong answer. To be fair, though, Malta was the most bombed place on the planet at numerous parts during WWII, and a recently unearthed top secret document from the 1950s was shared by the National Archives showing what an atom bomb detonation over neighbouring town Isla would look like… but thankfully, no such bomb ever came even close to hitting the island. What do you make of this? Sound off in the comments below and tag someone who would’ve probably also gotten this answer wrong 📲

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  1. It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
    — Mark Twain, 1835-1910, American writer

  2. The goosy TV-show host, Etienne Schembri !! PBS is absurd ,It would be best to discontinue airing this only for imbeciles program immediately !

  3. I’ve have been called a snob and an elitist many a times simply because I have a zero-tolerance policy towards the legions of ignorant people in this country. My list of acquaintances and contacts is very well curated. The standards are so low that you inadvertently feel like Stephen Hawking when compared to many here in Malta, even when I know I’m not.

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