The government has delayed the issuing of building regulations by 18 months

In what is a very interesting revelation, former MP Jason Azzopardi has published a cabinet memo that was written in January 2022 over the issuance of the building and skills regulations for the construction industry. The regulations were prompted by the death of Miriam Pace but were delayed with the excuse of consultation with the construction industry. That’s strange because Robert Abela could have easily called up all his friends and got them together in Castille to discuss any potential issues.

In reality, it is not strange because the delay has served many contractors well as they took their time to regularise their position, but all the while other deaths occurred. These regulations were released last month and the only change from their previous version is that the licenses are issued by a Licensing Committee headed by the Minister for Planning and Public Works, Stefan Żrinżo Azzopardi instead by the Building and Construction Authority.

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